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Dan & Mary Jo Show 7/28/2018

Dan & Mary Jo Show 7-14-2018

Neil & Angelo Fill in

Dan & Mary Jo Show 1/7/2017

Dan & Mary Jo look back at Saturday’s UK vs UT game & preview the CFB National Championship.

Dan & Mary Jo Show 1/6/2017

Dan & Mary Jo preview UK vs UT.

Dan & Mary Jo Show 12/17/2017

Dan & Mary Jo review the UK – Virginia Tech game and more.

Dan & Mary Jo Show 12/16/2017

Dan & Mary Jo live from Experimac previewing UK – Virginia Tech & much more.

Dan & Mary Jo Show 12/9/2017

Dan & Mary Jo are live at Truck and Auto Extras with special guest Heshimu Evans to discuss the upcoming game with Monmouth.

Dan & Mary Jo Show 12/3/2017

On this edition of The Dan & Mary Jo Show: Courier-Journal’s Jon Hale, Boyle Coach Chuck Smith, Danville Coach Clay Clevenger, KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett, and information about Marty Brennaman at the Lexington Reds’ HOF chapter.

Dan & Mary Jo Show Live at Redsfest

Dan & Mary Jo go on the road to Cincinnati for Redsfest2017. They welcome Phil & Bob Castellini, Marty Brennaman, Tucker Barnhart, Bryan Price, Devin Mesoraco, Austin Brice, Amir Garrett, and Phillip Ervin. Whew.

Dan & Mary Jo Show 11/19/2017

Dan & Mary Jo talk UK football & basketball with Jon Hale from the Courier-Journal on today’s show. Plus some talk of Thanksgiving & much more.