Matthew Talks Golf

Backspin Golf

Backspin Golf 3/10/2019

On the 2019 debut of Backspin Golf Matthew welcomes Perry French, Dan Hauser, and TJ Auclair.

Backspin Golf 10/21/2018 – Dave Shedloski

Here’s Matthew with Golf World and Golf Digest contributor Dave Shedloski

Backspin Golf 10/21/2018 – Jerry Foltz

Here’s Matthew’s interview with Golf Channel commentator Jerry Foltz

Backspin Golf 10/21/2018 – Perry French

Matthew’s interview with Cleveland/Srixon/Xxio’s Perry French

Backspin Golf 10/14/2018 – Dan Hauser

Matthew’s conversation with The Stiff Shaft’s Dan Hauser.

Backspin Golf 10/14/2018 – Brendan Sweeney

Matthew’s conversation with French Lick Director of Player Development Brendan Sweeney

Backspin Golf 10-14-2018 Perry French

Matthew’s weekly conversation with Cleveland/Srixon/Xxio rep Perry French.

Backspin Golf 9/30/2018

Matthew speaks with Washington Post sports columnist and raconteur Chuck Culpepper

Backspin Golf 9/23/2018 – Jeff Babineau

Matthew and veteran golf writer Jeff Babineau

Backspin Golf 9/23/2018 – Max Adler

Matthew spoke with Max Adler, Golf Digest writer who helped to free Valentino Dixon who spent 27 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.