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Polson Feels Prepared For Leadership Role This Year

The inception of each year’s number one ranked recruiting class that John Calipari inks to play in Lexington produces the same two questions every year: one, how will the group of individuals come together and play as a team, and two, who on a young team full of ego and five-star talent emerges as leaders?
This year, the nine underclassmen that fill the majority of the 16-man roster will be looking to senior point guard Jarrod Polson for guidance and direction as they embark on their first season of college basketball.
Polson, who over the course of four years earned a scholarship after joining the team as a walk-on, will be joining fellow senior Jon Hood in the final go around of their collegiate careers.
“Yeah, he [Hood] calls it the farewell tour, I think. It’s a lot of lasts that we’ve always talked about so it’s kinda of bittersweet in a way.”
In an article written by Jon Hale of, Polson discussed how he feels more prepared for a leadership role after contributing on a consistent basis last season.
“People say if you’re older, you’re a leader, but until last year I hadn’t played,” said Polson. “I had been here, but I hadn’t contributed. You can’t really call that a leader. But I definitely think people know that I played last year and I’ve been in the mix. I think that’s definitely going to help.”
For 18 and 19-year-old kids balancing the transition of their first semester and balancing the great amount of pressure that comes with wearing the blue and white, having a mentor show you the ropes goes a long way.
According to Polson, question number two for this season’s basketball team can be put to rest.
“I think there are a lot of take charge guys, we had the rims up yesterday where the ball couldn’t go in and we were working on our rebounding and it started to be a battle. So, I think we definitely have a lot of leaders on our team and people that are willing to go the extra mile.”

Ben Tompkins is an intern and contributing writer for WLXG ESPN Sports Radio 1300. Follow him on Twitter @bennytomp18 and like his page on Facebook, Benny & The Jets.
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