Matthew Talks Golf

Backspin Golf

Backspin Golf 6/17/2018

It’s a special US Open edition of Backspin Golf with Perry French in to co-host and Scott Hamilton joining in as well.  

Backspin Golf 5/20/2018

On this week’s Backspin Matthew welcomes Perry French, University of Kentucky golf coach Brian Craig, and French Lick Director of Media Relations and Player Development Brendan Sweeney.

Backspin Golf 4/29/2018

On this week’s Backspin Golf Matthew welcomes Perry French, Transylvania University golf and basketball coach Brian Lane, and Golf Talk America’s Frank Bassett.

Backspin Golf 4/22/2018

On this week’s Backspin Matthew speaks with Perry French, Chris Redle from Golf House Kentucky, and Senior Interactive Producer at T.J. Auclair.