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Wait...I Have Lats?

Days to first tryout: 12

Well, my legs were really killing me Friday. Luckily Alex had me do a core-centric upper body day. Exercises included: suspended pushups, body weight rows, an exercise Alex called Power to the People, upright weighted rows, an exercise we aren't sure the name of (it involves pivoting a bench press rod, and using your core to swing the bar from hip to hip in a wide arc), and finished with an ab-centric leg press.

I thought the leg day pushed me really far, but Friday was an entirely different beast. Right out of the gate with the suspended pushups, I was using muscles I'm not sure I've ever really focused on with any one exercise. We were supposed to do three sets of 12. I finished the first set, struggling mightily. The second set I did 4 reps, and the third set I only got through 2 and a half (I'm counting that almost full pushup as a half, I don't care what anyone says). My lats are killing me from the workout, but my CHEST. My chest feels like it's on fire. I think waiting a minimum of two days between the workout and my update is a better choice, it gives me plenty of time to really assess how the workout has affected me. 

Body weight rows were an embarrassment icing on top of the self-shame cake from the suspended pushups. I couldn't even complete the full first set, let alone either of the other two. Power to the Peoples were more my style. Beside the fact that I dig the name, I'm a fan of the exercise. It pushed me just to the brink of what I could do, but allowed me to complete the exercise while hanging on to my dignity. The exercise itself is similar to a shoulder press with a kettle bell, but uses more your abs than your shoulders. I'm definitely feeling that exercise in my lats and the side of my abs.

While we were doing the weighted rows, my legs felt like they were going to give out and seize up. Alex asked me if I felt like I was going to cramp up, and I told him it did kind of feel like that. Alex then asked me how much water I'd had that day. That's about the time it hit me that I'd been sitting at my desk all day and maybe had three cups of water and a cup of coffee, and that's it. I knew that wasn't enough, but boy was I surprised when Alex told me I should be drinking AT LEAST a gallon a day with this workout program. I'm going to need to radically change the way I go about my day to day life just to get the right amount of water.

The last two exercises forced me to dig deep while my body tried to cramp up from dehydration, but I enjoyed them. After having not been on a true workout regimen for any serious amount of time in a year or more, I hadn't realized how much I missed working out and the feeling of completing a strenuous workout. There's really nothing like knowing you gave your all at a workout and having someone confirm that to you.

Alex and Matt from Fit Kentucky were on the show with us yesterday. We had a blast talking about my specific workout and what Fit Kentucky does as a business. Their in home training and capable trainers are perfect for anyone, whether they're just trying to get a little more in shape or trying out for a professional athletic team. I can't recommend them enough, and I've only done two workouts with them. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workout; apparently Alex is bringing out the parachute and ladders and we're hitting a park for a while, weather permitting. Maybe we'll have some photos for you all. Check here, the Fit Kentucky Facebook and Twitter pages, or the Sunday Sports Twitter feed to make sure you see them.

We're under two weeks to the tryout. My friends and I played kickball yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to try kicking any field goals, so hopefully we'll have time to practice some tomorrow after the workout, again, weather permitting. I'm starting to get a little more nervous as the time counts down. I can't emphasize enough how much I really would love to be on this team. I'm looking forward to the experience, but I'm hoping to at the very least make the guys at the Bluegrass Warhorses seriously consider me as an option. I'm guessing they'll have some more intensive workouts after these open tryouts, so at the very least, I want to be invited to those. We'll see though. First I have two more weeks of workouts to go, starting with tomorrow.

I'll update you all again on Wednesday, and I think this week will start a regular rhythm for me; updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This blog will be live through all the tryouts I attend, so you can keep your attention here for any updates on my progress throughout the week. Some major events may warrant a special blog update, so be sure to check back regularly. Also, follow the Fit Kentucky guys on Facebook and Twitter, and my show Sunday Sports on Twitter. I think we'll have Alex and Matt back on Sunday Sports the day after the first Warhorses tryout, so you'll definitely want to listen on June 2nd for a wrap up of the first tryout and the reactions from Alex and Matt to how the tryouts went.

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05/20/2013 9:13PM
Wait...I Have Lats?
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Alls Well That Ends Well
Well, good news everyone: I got a call back from the Bluegrass Warhorses. I was invited to another tryout coming up on June 29th! That gives me plenty of time to continue my training, get stronger, practice some more kicking, and get mentally prepared to...
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Here We Go
Well, we're mere hours away from the tryout. I didn't think I'd be as nervous as I am, but boy was I wrong. I'm honestly not sure how much sleep I'm going to get tonight. Registration starts tomorrow at 9:00 AM at Scott County High...
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Only a Few Days Left
Days until tryout: 3 I decided to skip a holiday update and enjoy my Memorial Day, as I hope all of you did as well. Alex and I didn't do a whole lot in our Friday workout anyway. He timed me on 20, 30, and 40 yard sprints, and we worked on my...
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We'll Call This a Rebound
Ok. I'm feeling a lot better after Thursdays workout than I was after Wednesdays. I'm feeling a bit more confident. I have a lot more to improve, but I'm sure Fit Kentucky can help me get there. This workout went a LOT...
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Sorry for the delay on the update, because of weather and scheduling conflicts, Alex and I had to move my planned Tuesday workout to last night instead. Last night's workout was by far the most trying of the workouts thus far. Of course, it's...
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Wait...I Have Lats?
Days to first tryout: 12 Well, my legs were really killing me Friday. Luckily Alex had me do a core-centric upper body day. Exercises included: suspended pushups, body weight rows, an exercise Alex called Power to the People, upright weighted rows, an...
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