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Only a Few Days Left

Days until tryout: 3

I decided to skip a holiday update and enjoy my Memorial Day, as I hope all of you did as well. Alex and I didn't do a whole lot in our Friday workout anyway. He timed me on 20, 30, and 40 yard sprints, and we worked on my acceleration by strapping me in to a bungee cord attached to a fence, then sprinting a short distance. This doesn't sound like much, but I was beat, and my legs and hips are still feeling the effects.

Tuesday, Alex had a workout regimen that included quick set weighted jump squats and mountain climbers, exercise ball pull-ins, a couple smaller exercises, and wrapped up with uphill sprints. The weighted jump squats and mountain climbers were rough. Basically, you do a set of jump squats and immediately follow it up with a set of mountain climbers. Then you repeat that four times. The wight wasn't intense, but how rapid the exercises came was pretty intense. Also, I've been doing mountain climbers wrong my entire life. Apparently you AREN'T supposed to tap your foot at the top of a mountain climber. Who knew. Now mountain climbers are even more incredibly hard.

The exercise ball pull-ins were similar to the ones I did last week, except instead of being in a pushup position, I was in a sit up position with my heels on the exercise ball. You lift your hips off the floor, then rapidly pull your knees in towards your chest. I never could quite get right the distance the exercise ball needed to be from me. Nevertheless, my abs and hips are feeling it today.

I have yet to say this directly, but I won't claim to have not thought it; I hate Alex for having me end with uphill sprints. We did a ton of them, and they were rough. We were working out in afternoon heat, running in the sun straight uphill in a full out sprint eight times minimum. I was ready to die right afterwards, and I didn't have the foresight to fill my water bottle before going outside to do them. I. Was. Miserable. I spent the next five minutes sitting in my car with the doors open trying to recover. 

I've barely kicked and we're only a couple days away from the Bluegrass Warhorses tryout June 1st. There are going to be more tryouts, but I want this one to be as good as possible. It's impossible to find goalposts up anywhere! I guess I'm going to have to go sneak on a high school field or something. Alex and the rest of the guys at Fit Kentucky are definitely doing their best to get me in physical shape. It's up to me to get my kicking in line. I've mentioned my narcissism here before, and this is probably a flash of it, but my actual kicking ability is one of the least of my worries. My leg strength, stability, and my athletic fitness are the areas I'm most concerned with. Fit Kentucky has helped and is continuing to help me get those areas better. I tried the whole working out on my own, but simply bringing in someone who knows more about physical exercises, and someone who helps to motivate me to do my best each time has been incredible. I can't thank Fit Kentucky enough. We have two more workouts before the tryout on Saturday, and I'll keep working with them afterwards for the next tryout. I just hope I don't pull a Charlie Brown on Saturday.

05/30/2013 11:31AM
Only a Few Days Left
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05/30/2013 12:01PM
Terry Davis
You've been able to do most anything you've set your mind to except play basketball....you can do this. :-)
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Alls Well That Ends Well
Well, good news everyone: I got a call back from the Bluegrass Warhorses. I was invited to another tryout coming up on June 29th! That gives me plenty of time to continue my training, get stronger, practice some more kicking, and get mentally prepared to...
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Tryout Recap
Well it's been a pretty crazy week, so I apologize for it taking this long to update you guys on the tryout itself. Tryouts were last Saturday out at Scott County High School. Originally, the tryouts were to be at Georgetown College's football...
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Here We Go
Well, we're mere hours away from the tryout. I didn't think I'd be as nervous as I am, but boy was I wrong. I'm honestly not sure how much sleep I'm going to get tonight. Registration starts tomorrow at 9:00 AM at Scott County High...
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Only a Few Days Left
Days until tryout: 3 I decided to skip a holiday update and enjoy my Memorial Day, as I hope all of you did as well. Alex and I didn't do a whole lot in our Friday workout anyway. He timed me on 20, 30, and 40 yard sprints, and we worked on my...
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We'll Call This a Rebound
Ok. I'm feeling a lot better after Thursdays workout than I was after Wednesdays. I'm feeling a bit more confident. I have a lot more to improve, but I'm sure Fit Kentucky can help me get there. This workout went a LOT...
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The Truth Reveals Itself
Sorry for the delay on the update, because of weather and scheduling conflicts, Alex and I had to move my planned Tuesday workout to last night instead. Last night's workout was by far the most trying of the workouts thus far. Of course, it's...
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Wait...I Have Lats?
Days to first tryout: 12 Well, my legs were really killing me Friday. Luckily Alex had me do a core-centric upper body day. Exercises included: suspended pushups, body weight rows, an exercise Alex called Power to the People, upright weighted rows, an...
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Leg Days Are Worst Days
Days until first tryout: 17 The good news is that I'm able to walk without any problems. Sitting down and standing up are an entirely different story. Alex from Fit Kentucky had me start out in high gear yesterday with a leg day right...
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So You're Telling Me There's a Chance...YEAH!
Days until first tryout: 19 We're closing in rapidly on the first tryout, but I've got some more people in my corner. I'm happy to welcome Fit Kentucky on as a sponsor for Sunday Sports! As part of that, they're going to be working...
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The Weekend's Here, and I'm Probably Not Going to Work Out
Days to first tryout: 22   Ok, so, I’m picking up my home workouts and it is not going well. I’m pretty sure I’m the person that is the least able to construct a workout regimen. I’m going to need some help on...
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I Have an Agent, Apparently
Days to first tryout: 26   Yesterday we had Yeremiah Bell on the Sunday Sports show with us. I got a chance to get more of an idea of what it’s like to try out for a team as a walk on, which I assume mirrors pretty closely what going to an...
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Days to first tryout: 29   I’m really curious to see how the whole process of trying out for a professional athletic team goes. I received the player tryout paperwork yesterday from Eric Taylor, co-owner of the team. It’s pretty basic,...
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The Kick Off
My name is Jacob Clutch Davis, and I have never kicked for a football team in my life. I’m hoping to change that this year.   There’s a new indoor football team coming to Lexington, Kentucky, called the Bluegrass Warhorses. Their...
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