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Interview with Steve Mona (stevemona1)

He's the CEO of the World Golf Foundation, and Steve Mona took some time to talk to our golf ambassador, Matthew Laurance.

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Interview with Darby Roggow (@drowgz)

Matthew is joined by Darby Roggow the head coach of the Tiffin University Dragon golf team.

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Host of "On Par" Anthony Scorcia @scorciaonpar

Two host of seperate golf shows, Matthew with "Back Spin Golf" and Anthony Scorci with "On Par", go at it! Exchanging knowledge and simple love for the game.
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Interview with Lisa Longball @LisaLongball

One of our all time favorite guest on Back Spin Golf joined Matthew in early October.
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Miss St 45 UK 31 #BBN

Strong showing against #1 Miss St, brings the Cats some respect. What is notable from this defeat is the attention Patrick Towles will recieve after out dueling a Hesiman hopeful.
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Red Mango Fans In The Stands (Bryan Station vs Henry Clay)

First trip to Henry Clay this season and it was a memorable one! Enjoy the Red Mango Fans in the Stands as we relive the awesome fans of Bryan Station and Henry Clay.
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Henry Clay 70 Bryan Station 63

No shortage of offense in this one! Bryan Station put up the points, but it was a late surge by Henry Clay making the difference giving us a classic at Dr. Robert J. Bell Heber Stadium.


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