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Leg Days Are Worst Days

Days until first tryout: 17

The good news is that I'm able to walk without any problems. Sitting down and standing up are an entirely different story.

Alex from Fit Kentucky had me start out in high gear yesterday with a leg day right out of the gate. If you haven't been seriously working out in a while, leg days are an interesting place to start. Jumping in with leg workouts is either a genius idea, or the worst idea ever. I'm still on the fence about which one. We had a workout set up that included squats, jump squats, leg curls, a hip flexor workout, calf raises, and jump rope. I'm fairly certain my body had forgotten about most of the muscle groups these workouts target. The hip flexor workout in particular definitely has me stinging today. Walking around and getting places today definitely isn't as much of an issue as I was expecting, but I had some difficulty getting home last night. I drive a manual car, so I constantly have to use both my legs just to drive. After the workout I had to push my left leg down with my arm just to operate the clutch. That isn't hyperbole. I literally had to do that twice on the way home. To close out the workout, we did some jump rope, jumping as fast as possible for 30 seconds. I had no problem doing the full 30 seconds the first set, but the next two, woof. I maybe kept hopping for 20 seconds of the second set and MAYBE 15 seconds of the third. If I'm being honest, it was more like 10.

The people at Fit Kentucky definitely know their stuff. Alex walked me through each exercise, told me what muscles we were working on with each one, why we were targeting that muscle group with my intention to be a kicker in mind, and constantly checked in with me to make sure I wasn't using too much weight and potentially hurting myself. He definitely didn't take it easy on me, though. He could tell if I was using too little weight just from how I was doing the exercise. Alex shared a story from the first time he ever did squats, how awful his form was because he didn't know any better, and how the squats made him incredibly sore while not even working the muscles squats are intended to target. I was constantly getting tips on how to make sure I'm keeping good form with each one of the workouts, and him checking in with me on weight was greatly appreciated. Because of my rampant narcissism, I usually assume I can do anything at any given time. Alex constantly being in contact with me about the workout made me feel a lot more secure about my well being. Alex gave me a few pointers on what to eat after the workout: a good amount of protein, and a small amount of gummy bears, surprisingly. The sugar helps with getting the protein to your body more quickly and gives you that immediate energy you need after working out, unlike starches, which will just sit with you for a while. I decided to switch out gummy bears for sour gummy worms, but I think that's ok. I'm sure Alex will correct me if I'm wrong. I'll probably still eat the sour gummy worms though. I'll use any excuse to eat those things.

The next step is to test my measurables, which we're doing on Friday. I told Alex I wasn't sure why he was deadening my legs just two days before getting a measurables baseline, but he made the point that we don't have a lot of time before the first tryout. He's right, we've only got a couple weeks, so starting out in high gear is definitely the right choice. Besides, it has the added benefit of slightly lessening my measurables, which will make the results towards the end of the training that much more impressive. Well, I keep telling myself that. It's probably not true, but it makes me feel better. We've talked about finding a park for one of the workouts next week if the weather cooperates, and I'll definitely be taking a football out there in hopes that they'll have some goalposts I can practice on.

My friends and I have a pickup kickball game we're going to play on Sunday, and I'll be taking my football out there to get some practice. I'm both really excited kind of nervous about kicking again after so long. I have no idea what to expect out of my kicking ability after such a long period of disuse, and lack of solid training. As much as I'm doing this tryout process just for the experience, I would really LOVE to make the team. I want to be consistent from a medium range, 35-45 yards. I highly doubt the coaches and staff will give me a second glance just because I could hit one out of ten 60-yarders, if I could even do that. Being consistent and accurate from midrange will be the key to making the team I think. I also need to work on learning about kickoffs. That's one thing I don't think I've ever attempted before, and for an indoor team with a limited roster, being able to place kick AND kickoff is probably vital to actually making the team. I guess I need to do some research. If anybody has any pointers, hit me up.

I think the people at Fit Kentucky will keep you up to date on my progress and any other special blurbs about my training on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FitKy, and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/FitKentucky. I believe there may be some special little posts on those feeds a little later down the road, so be sure to like and follow them. If not, keep your eyes peeled here and I'll post a link to any updates they have in a future entry.

05/16/2013 4:47PM
Leg Days Are Worst Days
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Alls Well That Ends Well
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Only a Few Days Left
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We'll Call This a Rebound
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Leg Days Are Worst Days
Days until first tryout: 17 The good news is that I'm able to walk without any problems. Sitting down and standing up are an entirely different story. Alex from Fit Kentucky had me start out in high gear yesterday with a leg day right...
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