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Ray Rice thoughts 24 hours later #NFL

This has been the hottest topic over the last 24 hours and I've come up with a few opinions from a few different angles. As always, I encourage interaction with you!

-Ray Rice and his punishment:
The video is pretty concrete. It's painful to watch because in my eyes, he didn't seem to have much if any remorse after striking his then faience (now wife). He looked down at her after delivering the hit, no sign of "Oh what did I just do?" and as he was dragging her, his feet kept making contact with her body, with lack of caring. I was getting the vibe of "look at what you made me do". The video is disturbing and extremely disappointing.

The punishment was well deserved but should have come long before, even without video. If he would have been suspended the entire season, would there have been as much outrage? I don't know.

Janay Palmer and her response:
-This is the confusing part for me. I feel bad for her but at the same time, I'm disappointed in her. After this incident, she not only stayed with him but married him! The overall perception is she did it for money. "He's a professional athlete, therefore she will take the abuse or however you want to word it because she will be able to live a lavish life." This seems to be popular opinion of those who are not familiar with her situation. On the other hand, she loves the man and this is one incident, therefore she is giving him a second chance. I don't know, as I stated, this part confuses me. No matter what, due to Ray's release, and potentially being black balled from the league. Her life has certainly changed.

Roger Goodell:
He has taken a large hit in the PR department. Recently being reported he and the league didn't ask to view the camera footage in the elevator. Goodell, I believe was trying to be a good boss essentially. He wanted to take Ray and Janay's word on the incident. What ever their word may have been. Did Ray lie? Did he tell him exactly what we saw in the video? Only they know, but I firmly believe Goodell was taking what he was told as the complete truth of his employee. Wouldn't you want that as employee with an employer?

Regardless of the video, they should have suspended Ray a longer period of time after the NFL's ruling. Again, I believe they were trying to make a smart investment in their employee, taking his and Janay's word on what happened. What I really don't like was the push on social media, quoting Janay, regretting her role on the matter. Then turning around to start marketing Ray Rice pink jerseys on their website.

The Media:
Janay wrote a scathing instagram message pointing the finger at the media for ruining her's and Ray's life. In many ways, she's right, the media unveiled the ugliness of the incident. Is this right? To me, it is, because Ray Rice is out of the league and the NFL shouldn't have a person like this in the league. This opinion was voiced by many players in the league on twitter when the video was released. Same instance, I feel remorse. This is a private manner with a family, but here is the silver lining. If an athlete wants to be professional then they and their family become more public to the world. Is this fair? Well, hindsight is 20/20, when an athlete signs contracts worth millions of dollars then this becomes a part of it. The athlete's salary to take care of their family is paid for by sponsors who are trying to reach fans and the fans themselves are paying to see the athlete perform, by default are paying the salary as well.

Take what you want from this, all I know is this is one big mess for all involved.

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