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Cleveland... What else can I say? #Browns #Cavs

Are you familiar with who performs "Cleveland Rocks"? Here's one thing you can eliminate, Drew Carey.

I do hold some what of a grudge against Cleveland. Why? Maybe it's because I'm a die hard Cincinnati fan. Maybe it's because the Browns kept the Bengals out of playoffs back in the early to mid 2000's. Maybe, just maybe it is because the city of Cleveland deserves a winner! A blue collar town that loves their sports teams who saw their beloved Browns get snatched up and shipped to Baltimore. A town who hasn't experienced a championship since the Indians won the series back in 1948. This city has experienced more heart break than most, but as we look at the current state, I can only say, "You kind of deserve it."

The Indians, the Browns, and the Cavalries can't seem to make up their minds on what direction to take their franchises. The Indians had both Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia in their rotation to only watch them face each other in the World Series, a following season, by which the Indians haven't been in the playoffs since both were traded. Then the Browns a team who can't stick to a coach or a quarterback, have had over 20 quarterbacks take snaps from center since the Browns were brought back in the league in the late 90's. How about the Cavaliers? A team and an organization that caused Michal Jordan fits, to only be a laughing stock in the mid to late 90's into the 2000s to see them draft Lebron and watch him leave on national TV with "The Decision".

It has been tough and I like the excitement behind Manziel and now another 1st pick in the NBA Draft, but the fans are depending on owners and organizations who can't seem to get it right, or won't give it time to get right. Best of luck Cleveland, you're going to need it.

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05/21/2014 11:31AM
Cleveland... What else can I say? #Browns #Cavs
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