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Another Grateful Tuesday...

Another Grateful Tuesday…

Just a few weeks ago on the show Eric and myself issued our first ever “poll question of the day”.  The question was something along the lines of asking about “As an adult do you still participate in sports or any athletic activity?”  

Being in my mid-20’s I really don’t think of myself as an adult (to be brutally honest).  I’m still super active in several sports leagues and am always looking to explore new things.  I don’t think because I’m now considered an adult that it changes how I view physical activity.  I still think it’s a critical part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

In about 30 minutes I will go perform my daily WOD (workout of the day) at my Crossfit Box here in Frankfort.  This is probably the best hour of my day; sweating, getting stronger, relieving stress, and being in a community with other Crossfit members that are now more like friends.  Getting my Crossfit workout in for the day is like having my morning coffee….without it nothing seems to go right, I feel like crap, and mentally..well let’s don’t even go there.  

After my hour of Crossfit I’ll head down to the local park to play in my church league co-ed softball game.  And it’s tournament time! Another active hour of play with young people from my church.  

If it were up to me,  I would do these two activities every night.  And more than anything being active reminds me of just how grateful I am.  I apologize if any of this sounds totally cliche. But not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate what God has given me.  Energy, health, and a youthful spirit that keeps pushing no matter how hard my day may be.  

These are just a few thoughts after reflecting on my day. What are you grateful for?  

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06/17/2014 5:46PM
Another Grateful Tuesday...
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