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Honest question, how many people can name your local sports anchors? What about radio? Who’s the local guy that you can turn on in the car?
A rising problem that lies with journalism is that across the country, some broadcasters and writers don’t know how to efficiently establish a distinctive social media presence. They don’t relate to or connect with the people that they expect to be listening, watching, or reading their content.
The young talent coming through the pipes and progressive broadcasters realize driving engagement through community driven efforts in local markets and generating interaction on social media for a more broad appeal have now become a cornerstone of what it takes to survive in this cutthroat industry. We want to engage our viewers, listeners, readers and Twitter followers, and we do that by branding ourselves and finding our niche audience.
The ability to understand social media and utilize it in an effective way to create a relationship with your audience is becoming something that you must do to separate yourself from the pack. Social media allows journalists to connect with their followers and friends in a way that drives cohesion and creates a unique brand for that individual.
As of the 29th of January, I’ve begun my first advertising campaign on Twitter. This campaign is about expanding my reach and awareness. I’ve had a solid pop in my followers thus far, and that’s why I’m writing this memo:
To those of you that followed me recently, I appreciate it. Be it through cold following (essentially cold calling in sales) or the campaign’s reach, you are now reading what I write in 140 characters and the links to creative pieces like this.
Some of you will find that I’m someone that you would meet as a complete stranger in the grocery store or sitting in a seat next to you at a sporting event and we’d immediately hit it off. Similar likes, similar interests, similar personalities.
However, you can’t connect to everyone and I may not be your guy. People share different perceptions and beliefs and everyone’s opinion should be heard, but sometimes we tend to disagree with others. If you come to find that we wouldn’t mesh on a personal level or that you don’t like what I’m laying down, no love lost. Cut your ties and move on, that’s just business.
Having said that, here’s what I ask of you (hey, if you’re still reading this far down, I’ve got you in my crosshairs).
I want to know what kinds of things you’re interested in. I want to know who your teams are and what region you’re from so I can always be vested in something that you care about. What would you like to see more of on your timeline? What are people not covering that you want them to cover? What do you want to be reading from me?
This was a campaign that ran all over the United States, not just in my current residency in the state of Kentucky. I’ve received new followers from the Lexington and Louisville markets, but I’ve had an influx of national followers and I’m on your guys’ hot seat.  
So tell me about yourself. Take 5 minutes to send me an email and let me know the kinds of things you’d like to see more of. If you’re talking about it, I want to know about it and drive conversation.
I’m a well-mannered, driven, progressive young man and I want to build my platform. Instead of a statistic, I want to know you and invite you to join me in dialogue. I’m grinding between “I want it” and “I’ve got it,” and these kind of innovative practices are the things hopefully I’ll reflect on later and attribute to the latter statement.
New followers, email me your interests and city locations at, and we’ll get the engagement train rolling and the national network growing.
Ben Tompkins is an intern and contributing writer for WLXG ESPN Sports Radio 1300. Follow him on Twitter @bennytomp18 and like his page on Facebook, Benny & The Jets.

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01/31/2014 9:22PM
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